Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Happy Ascension

Last week we made a happy ascension card about Jesus ascending and we wrote this in, may the feast of the ascension fill you with hope. Jesus has promised to prepare a place for you in his father's house.

Holy Spirit Tetrahedrons

During R.E we made Tetrahedrons (3d triangle). When we made them we put names of the holy spirit like love, hope, faith, etc and this term we are learning more about the holy spirit.

Country Study

During this term, we have been doing country studies on one particular country. I did Saudi Arabia it took about two weeks one to do our draft and the second week to do the real one. I did Saudi Arabia because I heard that it was the source of car oil. This is mine...

Ice Experiment

Today we tried to do an experiment on ice to see what happens when you put the dye on it. We put the dye on it then we poured salt and then we went outside. We chucked the ice high and they all smashed on the concrete and splattered all over the place.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Peter Gossage Art

During this week for art, we finished our Peter Gossage art. We used dye for the background and pastel for the actual drawing. I drew the sun with mountains in the background and others did the moon, Maui or just mountains with Māori patterns. This is my drawing...

Friday, 14 June 2019

Book Week

This week it is book week we have been doing really fun activities like a treasure hunt, we got to dress up, book covers, and unscramble. This has been my favourite book week I dressed up as Elsa 
here's my costume

Cross Country

During the past two weeks we have been doing cross country we did it on Thursday the 7th of June it was really fun we helped people get to the finish and encouraged people to finish me and my friend came 8th and 9th (I came 8th) since it was my last year we decided to go together this was my finish and other stuff...